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Where To Start A Blog For Beginners

where-to-start-a-blogThere are things you need to prepare when you want to build a blog. Your blog must be well prepared so it will make lots of benefits for you, especially when you want to make a blog which will continue make you money. Building a good blog is not so hard if you understand the steps.

Steps that will guide you to have more traffic everyday you build your blog. You must learn where to start a blog in good way. It is not enough by just adding content every day.

Ok..No more talk!

Steps Where To Start A Blog

First you need to know what niche will you target in. Do not create a blog with a general topic or it will be useless for you. Why? Because you need to get continues readers. If you have a specific topic on your blog, your blog readers will easy to remember your blog. Especially if you have a good article that has benefits to your readers.

Remember, you need visitors that will come back to your blog again and again so you can make money through your blog continuously. Espsecially if you make money by become a publisher of google adsense.

More traffics means more chance your ads get clicks. Clicks mean money. As simple as that. So build a good blog with nice specific contents.

After finding topic for your blog, then you must make a little research to get a good blog names. Finding a good blog name is very important for your blog ranking. If you choose the wrong domain name, your blog will possibly hard to rank. A good domain name always include keyword in it. The Exact Match Domian is the best domain name. So you must try to find one. In this step you will not get lost and ask someone where to start a blog in the right way anymore.

But with those two steps only is not just enough. The next step you must do is make a nice articles that give your blog readers lots of benefits. You will learn what is your blog about, and what are the benefits that you will give to your blog readers.

For example, if your blog is about weight loss, then the articles is about how to lose weight. The more benefits you gave to your readers the more they will come again and again.

Build some Backlinks to Your Blog!

After writing good contents, then backlinks is the next steps you need to think and must do. Why? Because backlinks, especially quality backlinks will determine whether your blog deserve to get google page 1. It is useless to build a blog but none of the keyword in page one google. If you want more traffic to your blog then page 1 google is a must.

That’s the rule. So you need to learn how to build a good backlinks to your blog and keywords. Don’t do the wrong way, or your blog will get penalize by google because of spam backlinks. But based on my experience, long tail keyword is easy to rank, even if you don’t do backlink on them, just making a good on page SEO.

I hope you are now understand where to start a blog in good way. So then just practise, because practise makes perfect.


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