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Being parts of Popular Blogs

populars-blogsDo you have popular blogs? Well, it seems you are an expert of blogging, huh. Having poplular blog is something that blogger expected. Because with having it we’ll be known as a fine blogger. And it has so many advantages if we have been well known in internet marketing.

Why? Many of us doing blog to make money, so if we have a blog that has already been known, we don’t have to work hard to get traffic to our blog. As we know, traffic play an important role in making money blogging. So it will be much easier for us to maintain our blog traffic if we have already been known.

How to have popular blogs

To make our blog popular is easy but hard. So what should we do to have popular blogs. The common things that every blogger do is by promoting our blogs. We can do it by costly ways or free ways. Or if we a member of a forum we can promote it in our signature. But of course not all the forum allow their members to have a signature in their very first time to join. It will take time for member putting a signature in their post or comment.

There also a good way to make our blog popular. Which is a free way but also hard way. Which is using search engine to promote our blog. But to make popular blogs having a good ranking in google is just not enough. We have to make sure that our blogs are in good ranking but with so much traffic also. That will make our blogs become popular much easier.

Having popular blogs in specific niche

Things we should remember is having popular blogs in specific niche. It means our blogs must be known with specific topics. So our visitor not only know our blog but us as the owner. And it is good for our credibility to be known as an expert of specific niche. We will be much easier for us when we want to sell something to our loyal readers. So..want to have your own popular blog? Start creating one.

Check out my other guide on Cool Blog Names. Thank you for reading my article about Popular Blogs.

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