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Marketing Blogs – The most powerful New Era “Word of Mouth Advertising”

marketing-blogsToday’s entrepreneurs understand and appreciate the power of internet marketing – promotion and branding. The low cost entailed in soliciting and utilizing marketing blogs to offer advice and insights on various products and services have become a necessary adjunct to the marketing efforts of many companies. On the other hand, the more experienced as well as the less experienced bloggers have joined the ranks of professional internet marketers in heaping praises and promoting various products and services trying to influence consumers to buy or subscribe.

No doubt, the power and influence that word-of-mouth-advertising spawned by marketing blogs have always succeed in focusing consumer attention towards what were otherwise inconspicuous companies with unknown products and services – often turning them into instant marketing hits!

Social media marketing strategies of the new era include the use of influential marketing blogs to spread the good word around about company products and services. And, marketing blogs get listened to more often than not! People tend to trust their own peer – especially on matters that commonly affect them. They will easily recall what they have read on marketing blogs come buying time because advice or endorsement comes from someone from their own ranks (a consumer too) and not from well funded advertising campaign of the moneyed entrepreneurs.


Some of the best marketing blogs around are Ads of the World, Seth Godin’s Blog, Chris Brogan, Problogger, Copy Blogger, Guy Kawasaki, Shoe Money, Trend Hunter, Robin Good, Social Media Examiner, and Logic Emotion. These blogs have remained popular through the past years and have been consistently sought after and utilized by big and small brands to review and endorse their products.

And because their peers and followers have placed a great deal of trust on them, whatever it is they write in their marketing blogs exerts a great degree of influence on their readers. There are many more up and coming marketing blogs worth watching and there are too many of them to mention or even list down.

Use Marketing Blogs to earn Some Quick Money

Marketing blogs have become popular as a way to earn some quick money, raise awareness, and also have fun. But it is essential to have a well-designed, and attention grabbing web site. Remember, first impression counts! Your website is your virtual business office – what it shows also reflects your personality. Emulate the sites of the most influential marketing blogs and copy the features that make them stand out from the rest.

As always, in blogging content is king! The best marketing blogs have content that people read. And because the content is good, they like the blog and keep coming back for more. You also have to add a few dose of keyword stuffing in your content to help search engines find your blog and index your content.

Most important of all, build a comprehensive profile of you and display it prominently on your blog. Better still link your Face Book account to your blog. They may not know you personally but knowing more about you through your blogger profile or Face Book profile will make them trust you more. Remember, people won’t pay attention to anything written by anonymous writers.

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