Making Money With A Blog

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Making Money With A Blog. Is it possible?

I start blogging since 4 years ago. At first blogging is just a hobby for me. I just write on my blog about things that I like. And things that just happened that day. Yeah, blogging is just like a diary for me. No more writing on a book called diary. That time has ended. With no SEO, no backlinks, and no such kind of optimization, my blog begin to have its audience.

And everyday It continues to grow and have also a lot of positive responses. Yes, with no optimization the traffic to my blog is a lot. It just rely on many articles. At that time I do not know if a blog with a lot visitors can make money. Until one day there is someone who intends to put ads on my blog, of course, with a fee. Untill then, I realize that making money with a blog is possible.

Making Money With A Blog. PPC Programs or Affiliate Programs?

The question, in what ways we can ? There are many ways we can make money with a blog. From being a publisher of advertising or become an affiliate of an affiliate program. We can try all that ways to make money through a blog. There are many programs that offers an affiliate programs such as clickbank, amazon, and more.

What about programs that offers ppc advertisers? There are Google adsense, Chitika, Abrite and much much more. You can choose the right for you. But among the others Google Adsense is the biggest and trusted PPC Program. Its all because its Google Adsense is owned by google.

But joining Google Adsense is not that easy. You must have a good blog that has benefits to your blog visitors. Make a blog that is usefull for your readers, so you can get the visitors who keep coming back to your blog. Talking about google adsense, visitors is the main factor for you big earning. The more visitors you get, the more money you can make with your blog. And I think, google adsense is much easier than other PPC program.

For a beginners maybe you still don’t know how adsense can give you money through your blog. Every time some one click on the ads that you put on your blog, you get money. As simple as that. No need to buy or sell anything from adsense. Because of its simplicity, many people who try to cheat by clicking on ads on their own blog.

But I must warn you, don’t do this, cause google is smart and will be able to detect on your cheat activity. And for that your Google adsense account will get banned. Many people have experienced this, so I must suggest you, that you should do blogging normally. Do try to cheat on google.

By continue to write on a blog, you can make money $10 -$30 per day if you could reach 500 articles minimum on your blog. So just continue to write on your blog and you will get more visitors that can make you make money with a blog.

If you confuse how to write, buying articles is one way to have a nice and good article. But of course it will cost you lots of money. I suggest you to write the topics that you like. By writing articles that you like, you will not getting bore that easy, and you will also mastering your blog topics. So I suggest you start making a blog with the topics of your hobby.

So making Money With A Blog? Why Not!

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