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How To Write A Good Article For SEO The Easy Way

How to write a good article for seo is something that always been a question for bloggers. Maybe you have a nice blog to look at, maybe you have a nice article to read. But without someone read your articles it will be useless. The blog we have just made seem worthless since no one visit your blog. So SEO is playing an important part to make your blog more visible to search engine. And one of the way is by providing a good nice seo article.

How to write a good article for seo is not as hard as you think. You just need to follow the pattern. You need to always try many different example of an article. By doing this you will know the article you wrote whether is good or bad.

But Actually there is no change for the pattern in writing a good article for seo.

Here are some patterns that I always do in writing a good article for seo :

  1. Write an article not less than 500 words
  2. The article must be unique, not some copy paste article
  3. The article must have 1% keyword density
  4. Use H1, H2, H3 for Sub Headings with keyword in it
  5. Put the keyword always in the beginning of the paraghraf and at the end of the paraghraf
  6. Use LSI for the keyword

Those are steps that I always follow every time I want to write an seo article. By doing this, with low competition, your article should able to rank in first page of google especially if you have long tail keyword for the article.

But remember, there are lots of other factors that make your article rank higher in google, such as the keyword competition, backlinks, and the quality of the artcle. But don’t worry to much. All you have to do is just keep writing.

And for the article, try write a topic that has benefits to the reader. Because google consider user experience. More longer people stay on your blog, more value your blog in the eye of google. So if consider writing an article, please make sure that your article is giving a benefit to someone who read it.

Now, you have no problem hot to write a good article for seo. Just practice it, and it will make you perfect.

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