How To Write A Good Article For Website

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For Website You Should Know

how-to-write-a-good-article-for-websiteBefore writing an article on your website, you should consider how to write a good article for website. It’s very important to make your website useful for readers.

The best way of writing article is to fast pour out your thoughts. When you write an article few things you should keep in your mind:

  • First you have to write the rules for the article and after that just fill in the details.
  • Mostly, start the article by writing an introduction.
  • It’s better to use single comma in a sentence rather than multiple-comma.
  • Write article to the point and simple.
  • Use short sentences rather long sentences. And in doubt use a full stop and move on.
  • Avoid multi-idea sentences and paragraphs.
  • For avoiding mess things up in long articles you should use bullet, points, and quotes. You can use numbered lists, videos and pictures also. There things make article interesting.
  • You should use bold to highlight certain phrases / words / sentences, particularly in longer articles. It provides a neat anchor for the eye and making sense of readers.
  • You should check out Google before deciding on a headline. Try to incorporate awesome adjectives into your headlines because it attracts a lot. Try to keep headline on a single line.
  • You have to optimize your headlines around key phrases, rather than individual keywords. Front load key phrases for maximum impact.
  • You should avoid jargon. Use plain English means just say what you see. Don’t dress things up too much.
  • You should basically write as you think/talk. Use little light humor when writing article especially when dealing with seemingly dry subject matter.
  • It is essential to define your own voice and to allow the reader to get to know you a little bit. Try to stand out from the crowd. Dare to be different.
  • Before publishing make sure what you’re saying is accurate.
  • Try to add at least one internal link per article, and often write articles simply to support other pages on your website.

Those are tips you can use when publishing article on your website. Try to make people happy to stay longer on your website by creating a good article they need and easy to read. Make a website that people need and want to come to your website again anda again because they like what they read.

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