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Blogging Tips For Beginners

blogging-sitesBlogging is a popular activity for businesses and individuals and its appeal is growing more every day.  If you want to know how to write a blog, there are many steps you can take that will make your blog appealing to your readers.  The first thing to do is decide what blogging provider you want to use.  WordPress, Blogger, LiveJournal,  Xanga, and more are all platforms that you can use to start your blog.  Depending on what features you’re wanting, you can do well with any of these.

Once you make that decision, learning how to set up your blog is easy, and you will be online in minutes.  Sign up for whatever blogging platform you decide to use, and then choose a template for your blog.  Depending on whether your blog is for business or personal use, there are a multitude of themes you will have to choose from.  Blog themes are somewhat like decorating a home, they are unique to the blogger using them, so have fun with this step and let your personality shine through.

You will need to decide if you want your blog to be public or private.  Obviously, if it is business related, you will want to make sure everyone can see it, but if it is for personal use, you can choose to keep it private from everyone, or choose only those you want to look at it.

Blogging For Money How To Start

Making comments on other blogs can bring traffic to yours, but PLEASE don’t spam other bloggers or you will get a bad name for yourself, and also be banned.  Make the comments relevant to the blog you’re visiting and add valuable comments, not just “great post” or something similar like that.

You can publish your blog’s URL in your email signature, on facebook to your friends, or anywhere really that you want people to know about it.  Another way to gain traffic to your blog, (providing you want traffic) is to post regularly on your blog.  Google loves active blogs, so if you’re posting daily or every other day at the least, depending on what your subject matter is about, your blog could show up in searches that people do looking for information that your blog may contain.

Make sure that your blog posts are original, and not plagiarized.  Taking other people’s work is something that will hurt you in many ways, so if you’re a business and need daily or every other day content, be sure to get it legitimately through writing it yourself, or hiring someone to write it for you.

There are many different styles of writing that bloggers have.  The more business approach, that involves information given in a more business-like manner,  the diary like blog that is about someone’s life, the review blog, that is a blog that reviews products, websites, etc, and many other styles.  Decide what you want to blog about and then post interesting blog posts that will encourage your readers to comment and most importantly, come back to read more again and again.

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