How To Start A Blog

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How to start a blog – Step one

how-to-start-a-blogIf you want to start making a blog, there are few things that you should prepare. Don’t just making a blog without preparation. Otherwise you will find your blog die in the deep of search engine. You must prepare the things of how to start a blog. So with this preparation your blog will exactly what you want.

First thing to do is you should make a market research to your blog. You must choose the topics with low competition and lots of traffic. With this step you will find your blog will be better than without doing market research. This step will guide you to have a better ranking in search engine.

How to start a blog – Step two

When you have doing market research next to do is you decide the domain name of your blog. Choosing the right domain name for your blog is an important thing to do when you want to begin to start a blog. With the right domain name, it will be much easier for you to optimize your blog, because with the right domain name your blog will be much easier to be in page one of google.

And you know what it means if you have a blog that already in page one of google. And I must say that choosing domain dot com is better than dot org, dot net, dot info and etc. Why? Because people usually type in their browser with the domain dot com. Its because that’s what they remember.

How to start a blog – Step three

Writing a good quality content for you blog is the next step that as important as choosing the right domain name. This thing is an important part that you must work on if you want to begin to think how to start a blog. You must be able to write a unique content so that your article will be able to be enjoy by your reader.

Because they read a good quality content and not a copy paste contents. And unique content also help you believed by google, and it will make your blog will raise quickly in Search Engine.

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