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Part 1

is one of the most important part if you were considering a long term blogging, and making your blog live longer. Why is it so important to have a good blog name for your blog? Good is play an important rules in Search Engine optimization. With a good blog name that has keywords in it make you more easy to have a good blog ranking.

If you have a keyword that you targeting in your blog or article that you are lucky to have one. A nice keyword with so much traffic and low competition is so valuable.

It is hard to find that kind of keyword, especially if you are looking for those keywords to make it your domain names. Many people make a big mistake when they try to build a new blog. They just pick a random domain names that they like, not by what people are looking for. So when they build that blog, it will be much harder to find the traffic they looked for.

It is all because the mistake they have done when the first time the pick a domain name for the blog. Is it that important? Yes, it is. Choosing a good domain name is so important. In this case you should know how to name your blog in better way.

How To Name Your Blog with Google Friendly ?

So that, how to name your blog with Search Engine friendly? First of all, before you make a decision to create a blog, you must make a research to find a nice keyword that contains a low competition but with so much traffic. I know it will be hard to find such a keyword. But it is not impossible to find one.

When you find that keyword, you should make it as your domain name. Then you are already half way in building a good on page SEO.  When making a blog, you should think how to name your blog. Having a good blog name for your blog will make your business grow faster than you’re expecting.

I have an easy way to search for a nice keyword that I’m targeting. Rather  than choosing a tough keyword with lots of traffic but with a hard competition, I prefer to choose a small traffic but with a low competition.

I usually search a keyword with 500 traffic in Local Searches. Usually with that amount of traffic the competition is not so hard. And with that kind of keyword you can easily find an available domain names.  It is a better way in how to name your blog.

How To Name Your Blog If You are advance in Blooging

But of course it will be different if you are advance in SEO. All those ways that I share to you maybe like a useless works. If you are advance in SEO, that whatever a name for your blog is not important, because you can optimize all those keyword that you are targeting easily, even if you didn’t have a good SEO optimize blog names.

So it’s all depend on how advance you are in SEO Optimization. But I think the people with already advance in SEO Optimization will agree with all those suggestion above. Because it will be much easier to compete in search engine especially google, if you have a good blog name. So if you want to build a website, you must start to think how to name your blog with search engine friendly.

If you are lazy to make a research for finding a good blog name, you can search for the service that provide such a service. You can find it easily on the internet. But I think you need to try it your self since you are the one who knows your type of business. No need an expensive software to make a nice keyword research.

You can use Google Keyword Tools to research keyword. With this free tool you can learn and try how to name your blog well with a nice keyword.

So why don’t you try it now. I hope you succeed in learning how to name your blog according to google want.

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