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The Google mobile blog is the website of the Google Mobile Team that contains news and notes about the latest Google products for mobile devices including other Android applications from other developers. Google knows right off the bat that mobile is the next big thing. Its strategic release of Android as an open source application that any web application software developer can download anytime was the first salvo to establishing a dominant role in the mobile communication and mobile computing arena.

Going Mobile with Google Mobile Blog

If you haven’t been paying attention lately yourself, it is time to know that the world is going mobile! Here are some eye openers for you – statistics show that today, more and more people are accessing the internet with their smart phones and mobile devices; more smart phones are being shipped globally; 50% of new internet connections are for mobile devices; and mobile internet users predicted to reach the one billion mark by end of 2011!

These are but a few of the many recent developments that show computing is going mobile and that smart phones may replace desk tops in the near term! If you are not aware of any of this development, then you’re missing out on a lot of things big time! The Google mobile blog should be able to help you stay current on the latest development in the mobile world!

Whether you have an Android phone, a Blackberry, an iPhone, or a Nokia for your smartphone, you can find suitable Google products and services at the Google mobile blog! It has comprehensive help pages where you can get help and information on how to download, install, and address issues specific to your smart phone or mobile device relative to any android applications.

Google mobile blog complements Google mobile – Google’s searchable web site where you can find all the Google products and services as well as all the android applications suitable for your smart phones and mobile device – by featuring each and every new Google product and android application that is regularly added to its long list of useful smart phone applications.

Get Information anytime and anywhere with Google Mobile Blog

In today’s world, mobile is shaping up to play a vital and important role helping people to access information anytime and anywhere and Google mobile blog is helping them in a way to get the right kind of information they need. It provides the latest information on new Google products and services as well as the latest android applications that will enhance their information search using their smartphones.

The Google mobile blog, i.e., has a global traffic rank of 25,180 according to Alexa. This means there are only 25,180 blog sites out of the 60 million or so currently existing that has more daily visitors to their sites. By all accounts, the Google mobile blog is fast rising in popularity.  It is ranked 18,031 in the United States and 9,191 in Singapore.

Google aims to provide simple and beautiful ways to enjoy all web content using smart phones and other mobile device and this is what Google Mobile and Google mobile blog is all about!

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