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How to create good

Is it true that a blog must have a good blog names? Some people say that every blogs have their own unique and good blog names. But if we see from the side of SEO, a good must contain several things. So that search engine will happy to often visit those blogs. And it will influence the ranking of those blogs in Search Engine. So what things should a good have?

  1. It must easy to spell
  2. It must easy to remember even if you just see it once
  3. It must only has not more than 3 words
  4. It should contains keywords
  5. It should be relevant to the topic
  6. It should be easy to write
  7. It should has low competition

What is the impact of having good blog names

Actually having good blog names give us more benefits than having an ordinary blog names. Good blog names make our website easy to have a good ranking in search engine like google, yahoo, bing, etc. What make the different is the keyword in it.

So when people search something in search engine, it will make our website has a good opportunity to be seen in page one of search engine. And the other benefit is that having a good blog name make us not working so hard to optimize our website.

Having good blog names means more dollars

Having a good ranking in search engine means traffics, and for internet marketer traffic means money. So it is very most wanted things in internet world. So as you know now having good blog names is so much usefull for us. So from now on, when you decided to have a blog, you should think to consider making a market research so that you will have a very good blog name.

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