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What are Free Blogs

free-blogsWhen you begin to learn about blogging, maybe you start with trial and error. You will search in internet, how to start blogging effectively. For a good start maybe you want to use a free blog platform. There good free blogs you can try and learn about blogging. The famous ones are and

For really really newbie maybe want to start it with blogger, because it is easy to use with very simple interface. But if you want to step the next level, maybe you would considering the Wordpess is very good platform with so much plug in to make your blogging much easier.

Is it good to use Free Blogs

For beginners I think It is good to use free blogs. Since we do not have to pay anything to make our blogs. But if you want to look like a pro, you should think to use the paid ones like If you sell anything with your blog, people will trust you if you have a good professional blog name, without or following your domain name.

They will trust you and your product. But if you just using blog to write about diaries of your self, using free blogs is OK. One of The disadvantages of using free blogs is your account could be banned if google think your blog is a spam blog (for If you already build a good blog and your blog got banned by google, it is a sad think to happen.

Can I monetize my free blogs ?

If you use, your blog is free to put adsense in it, you can earn money by putting ads into your blog like adsense, adbrite, etc. But if you use you can not put ads into your blog. Your free blogs only able to post contents.

But even if you use as your free blogs and put ads into it, it still possible that google banned your blog. It’s sad if your blog already have good ranking in google and with lots of traffic.

So, want to start blogging? You can try free blogs to do so. Check out my other guide on blog names.

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