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What does creative blog names mean?

My friend said if I want get traffic instantly, I must be creative in using a blog name. I don’t understand why he said so. But after he explained what he meant, I begin to understand what exactly creative blog names mean. When people typing in their browser, the website they want to visit, they often wrong when typing the address of the website.

For example, I want to visit the website of amazone. Instead of typing, I type And it is less one word than the right website address.

So by accident I visit the wrong website. If the address that I typed does not exist it will end up to wrong address. But what if there is a website with that address. So how lucky the website is. It gets a suddenly traffic. I think in the world of competitive SEO, this one tip is another good tip in getting free traffic.

So what are the tips in finding that kind of wrong address. I suggest you find the website that has much much traffic, such as google, clickbank, amazone, ezine articles ect.

Example of Creative Blog Names

I give you the example of those website I have mentioned :

  1. For people sometimes wrong by typing
  2. For people sometimes wrong by typing
  3. For people sometimes wrong by typing
  4. people sometimes wrong by typing

Getting free traffic with creative blog names

And much more, you can find thousand of wrong address that people type in their browser. Why is it interesting to try? I thing getting free traffic without doing SEO is an interesting fact to consider. I have try to have my own some creative blog names to put in my website.

And the result is true that my website get traffic everyday by accident when people type wrong address in their browser. I suggest you try too If you want to proof it your self. Having creative blog names for your website is not wrong, just try it and enjoy the traffic you will get.

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