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How to create

Naming your blog with good name is an important aspect to make your blog live. Many people ask me how to make a cool blog name. There are some factors that you should think when creating a cool blog name. These factors should make your blog live with many visitors visit your blog every day.

When choosing you should consider :

  • How unique is it?
  • How branding is it?
  • Is it easy to remember
  • Is it easy to spell
  • And last but not the least, does it contain keywords of your blog topics?

All these factors are important to have a cool blog name. But since internet has developed so much it is not always easy to find the blog name that we interested in.

Tips on getting cool blog names

When I choosed my domain name for this website, I used google Keyword Tool External to find a domain name that contain keywords of my blog topics. Usually I choose low and middle competition for those keywords. Because I want my blog raise up more quickly in search engine without doing too much efforts.

And this could happen if there keywords in my domain name with low competition. And my suggestions for you, don’t pick a domain name that contains more than 3 words. It is good if you can find a domain name that only contains two words.

Branding your cool blog names

If you want to sell a product through your blog, one you should think is create a branding name for your blog or website. Choose only names that related to your product. This will make your blog or website unique, and people will consider to buy your product if you have a very very cool blog names or product. But don’t forget to have keywords on your domain name. What if your product doesn’t have a keyword to put in your domain name?

That is the weakness in branding your domain name related to you product. Why? Without keyword in it you must pay more attentions to promote your website or blog. Without putting keywords on your cool blog names you must work extra hard to make your blog visible in search engine.

Get more tips or brilliant more examples in blog name ideas. Thank your for reading my article about Cool Blog Names and don’t forget to share in comments.

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