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How to have a

Having a blog is easy.You just have to buy a domain name and then connect it to your name servers. That’s it! All you do is just add some content in it. But do you think that is enough if you want to have a blog with lots of visitors? No! It is not that easy. Having a good blog depends on many factors. And you have to follow those factors.

You must research your niches with a good keywords. A good keyword will help you optimize your blog in search engine. It is more easy to rank in search engine if you have a keyword with a low competition. A long tail keyword is often rank more easily in search engine. With a good onpage optimization you will rank pretty quick in search engine, even if you don’t do backlinks to those keywords.

Choosing Clever Blog Names

Now, determine a good is a clever part in building a search engine friendly blog. You are clever if you can choose a good . Clever blog names will make you have a non predictable traffic. There are some ways to determine clever blog names :

Number one is that you must make a research with the keyword you will choose. You must find the keywords will low competition and lots of searchers. You don’t have to buy some expensive keywords research tool to do that. If you can spare your time you can do keyword research with free keyword tool like Google Keyword Tool.

You just have to be patience when choosing an easy to rank keywords. Remember, you must choose a clever blog names so your blog will not become useless. I usually do this step before making a blog and posting some articles.

And it always make my blog get visitors faster. Because I always choose keywords that have low competition and lots of searchers, and I usually pick the long tail keywords.

Other method in finding Clever Blog Names

One other trick to have a clever blog names is by choosing a misspell keywords. If you don’t know what misspell keywords are, I will tell you what exactly these are. Maybe you often type a wrong keyword by accident in google. And suddently you get top ten website with that keyword you typed.

I’ll give you an example if you still don’t understand.  When you want to search amazon in google, by accident you type “amazone”. That is what I meant by misspelled keyword. If you can buy those type of keywords then you will be lucky because you will get free traffic by accident by someone who typed thos wrong keyword.

Now finding those kind of keywords is a little hard, because we must think what kind of keywords that most have mistakes in typing. But, after all you must decide which way is suitable for you in finding clever blog names.

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