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Using blogspot as your free blog

blogspotIf you are a beginner in blogging, using free blog is a good way in learning how to blog. And one of the easy interface free blogging platform is blogspot or also known as Blogspot is free blog own by google. And sign up there is very easy. You can do it with no cost. Yes because it is free. Using as your free blog is very easy.

You can learn it quickly because the interface inside it make you easy to do it your self. And with you can find thousands of themes that you like, if you want to change the default one. With all these themes you can pick one of them, so it will suitable with your blog topic.

The advantages and disadvantages of using blogspot

As a free blog platform blogspot has its own disadvantages. One of them is because it is own by google, so that google could banne your blog anytime as long as they think that your blog is violating the rules and policy, even if your has already have so much traffic. They don’t care about it and there is nothing you can do about it also.

But using blogspot is also has its own advantages. The best one is that we can make a lot of blogs freely. We can make thousands of blogs with zero cost. And using blogspot is also not good if we talk about domain name, because it still use the “blogspot” thing follow our domain name. And it will look unProfessional.

Making money with blogspot

Not like other like, by using blogspot you can also earn money by adding advertising in your blog. You can register to adsense using blogspot. And because adsense is also own by google, people say that it is much easier to accept by google adsense if you are registering your blog that use as your registered blog. But that is just people assumption. You can try it your self if you don’t have an account in adsense yet.

Well, that is all about blogspot, don’t forget to check out my other guide on Cool Blog Names.

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