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Blogging is now become a famous activity in every where. For the ones who like writing, having a blog is another way to be able to express their selves. Along time ago we have diary as a media of expressing our ideas, minds, and experiences. But now in the era of internet, blogs are the most famous media to express our concern about lifes. And for the people who blogs we call them bloggers. And in the development countries such as South East Asia, blogging is developing so fast.

And now blogging also can be another way to . And with this hobby many people can get rich without working convensionally. Since there are lots of platform of blogs, it becomes much easier for every bloggers to choose the platform that they like.


So, since I mentioned above that we can make money by doing blog, maybe you ask me, what are the easiest way to make money online. Usually there are no easiest way to make money online. Everythings need to be plan as perfect as it can be. There are many ways to make money online thay every bloggers do. Become affiliate marketer is one of the quickest way to get rich online, but for some people it is not the easiest way to become affiliate marketers.

Because we need to sell products that we promote. Choosing the right product is to promote is a must, so the product that you promote also promote their selves. Another way to make money online is become a publisher of An advertising program. There are so many advertising program on the internet. But the most popular and trusted one is Google Adsense. And Google adsense is the most choosen one by most bloggers to make money online.


Among all the advertising program, Google adsense is the most trusted program that pay publisher in time. But for some bloggers it is not easy to join Google adsense. Because only the selected blogger that have a nice blog that already reviewed by Google adsense that able to become an adsense publisher.

And the blogs that has been reviewed should contain the language that only except by Google adsense, such as English, Chinese, German etc. So the knowledge in foreign language is a must for becoming a publisher in adsense, especially for Bloggers that their national language is not one of the language that excepted by Google Adsense.

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