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Blog Search Engine You Need To Know

blog-search-engineBlogging is not just about publishing posts. It is also about being found and getting your contents read by other people. It is useless to publish posts that not being read by people – and people will not be able to read your posts unless they find your blog first. Remember, blogging is communicating or joining “conversations’. But before you can join any “conversations” you need to find them or let them find you. This is where blog search engine and blog directories come in handy.

Blog search engine is the best tools to use to find out who and what are being written about any topic. For example, if you wish to know what is being written about a breaking story, blog search engines will do the job for you fast and easy. There are a lot of blog search engines and blog directories that have sprouted like mushrooms in the internet – and for good enough reason – there are over 60 million blogs all over the world today with more than two million new blog posts being published everyday.

Blog search engine simplifies our search for the specific blogs or particular blog posts written about any particular subject anyone may be interested on.

Blog Search Engine : Google Blog Search

Google Blog Search is by far the fastest blog search engine around. Unfortunately, it has not had made any improvement or innovation since it was first introduced. On the brighter side of it Google Blog Search provides the most comprehensive results than any other blog search engine around backed by Google’s enormous data gathering and indexing mechanism. It sorts blogs by relevance by blog post dates.

Blog Search Engine : Alternative Google Blog Search

Technorati is also one of the best blog search engines around. It is also a blog directory. If you are looking for a blog with the highest authority on a particular subject matter, then Technorati is the best blog search engine for you. It counts the number of inbound links going into a blog and sorts search results accordingly. Technorati is known to index up to 1.5 million new blog posts a day – although it does miss some results every now and then. It is also good for searching reactions and comments to blog posts.

Blog Pulse is your blog search engine of choice if you are looking for blogs with the most back links. It features advanced search settings and a new innovation called “Trend this Graph” to help you analyze blog metrics better.

Blog Lines is the blog search engine to use if you wish to find the number of subscribers to a particular blog. It sorts blogs by date, relevance, and popularity (based on the number of subscriber). You can also use it to search for blog posts, blog citations, and blog feeds. What is noteworthy about Blog Lines is the fact that it updates every hour!

Other blog search engines worth noting are Ice Rocket, Blog Digger, Blog Catalog, Yahoo Search Blog, Blog Hub, Blog Search Engine, Best of the Blogosphere, and Of course there are a lot more noteworthy blog search engines – there are just too many of them to list here. If you happen to be a blogger, you should make it a point to submit your site to most if not all of these noteworthy blog search engines to enhance the “findability” of your blog. Also, do not forget to ping them every time you publish a new post.

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