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Knowing  What is

Many people seems not good in making decision when they deciding a name for their blogs.  The ignorance of the importance of a name for their blogs make them not using a market research  when putting a name to their blogs. The just choose the words they like and just start to post without paying attention to the importance of SEO Step. And sometimes they just use their names to brand their blogs. Is it good to use your own name in your blog name?

If we speak about Search Engine Optimization, I will say it is not good at all. But if you want people know your blog, it can be done. Eventhough we must put more effort in SEO. In the internet we can use software that can make our decision in deciding a blog name much easier. It call Blog Name Generator.

What is a Blog Name Generator?

Blog Name Generator is a software that compile some keyword so it will end up with  choices of Some . All you do is just put some keywords that you choose for the topic of your blog content, and then you just push generate button and that is it. Some keywords will be produce from that software. At least that’s all I know based on my experience of used it.

There are lots of free software like blog name generator you can find in the internet, but I think it is hard to find a good one. The best way  is you pay someone to make a market research for your blog name. That is the best way you can do, if you  feel so lazy when doing it your self.

Is it good to use a blog name generator

When you think of SEO, you would probably choose to make your own market research than using a blog name generator. Why? It is maybe easy to use but the results are as not good as you think. The results may sometime fall apart. Not as good as you expected. And because of that still you have to put your effort for your blog to be seen in the internet.

So then, think of using one?

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